Thursday, January 15, 2015

Minty Fresh Breath

We have all seen the commercial where we swish Scope in our mouths for minty fresh breath.
There are several uses for mouthwash besides the fresh breath. Mouthwashes can have a therapeutic effect. The ingredient that carries the essential oils is alcohol! Alcohol also carries the flavoring agent of mouthwash, which is why there are very few mouthwashes which have no alcohol in them.

Mouthwashes are primarily used to help prevent gum disease, Listerine; used to prevent cavities, ACT; used to help people with a dry mouth, Biotene; or used to freshen breath, Scope. Depending on your need and doctor recommendation you can choose on that's best for you.

I just don't recommend using it to flavor your next mint julep.

Take care,

Dr. G

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