Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

On this day we remember all Veterans! To me it's a more important holiday than Memorial Day because in May we recognize all those who died protecting our country. Today we celebrate everyone who has protected our country both dead and alive.
In the 20th century, our military was used to make medical breakthroughs. Because of the injuries they faced in the line of duty, procedures were created to save the injured and repair the injury. Dentistry also fits into this category.

During the Korean War a material was created called Intermediate Restorative Material, today we refer to it as IRM. This material was used quite often when dental work was done near the front lines. It was made in 3 colors. Yes, you guessed it, red, white and blue. The colors were used so the next dentist would be aware of what was going on with the tooth.

Red meant I went in there, did the best I could but there's still decay and more treatment needed on this tooth.
White meant I got all the decay out of this tooth, all it needs is a permanent filling.
Blue meant I got all of the decay out of this tooth but it needs more extensive work like a crown.

So today we honor all of the men and women who have defended our country, and recognize one of the advances they contributed to my dental profession.

Yes, we still utilize IRM, but we can only get it in white.

Dr. G

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